SUNAFIL Inductive Charter – Protocol No. 005-2020

SUNAFIL began to notify companies through inductive letters in accordance with the provisions contained in Protocol No. 005-2020-SUNAFIL called “Protocol on the exercise of labor inspection, within the framework of the Declaration of Sanitary and National Emergency by the serious circumstances that affect labor and economic activities as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the national territory “

SUNAFIL Electronic Box

To respond to the inductive letter received we must enter the electronic mailbox of the company, for this we go to the SUNAFIl page.

I leave you the link so you can enter:

After logging in, you can review the notification of the inductive letter.

Subsequently, you click on “shipping required” and the form will open with the verification questions.

You should answer each of the questions according to the current situation of the company.

I share the 45 questions on the form so you know that they will ask you. 

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